I facilitate the process of helping health concious individuals  improve their physical & emotional qualities of life via my 6 signature pillars of growth.

with christina lagrega

Take care of YOU first

The secret for positive LIFE training

"The most powerful muscle you can train is your mind. Unlock your mind, and your body will follow..." -CL

Christina's 6 pillars of growth

YOU are your greatest investment (subscription based content)

Respect the hustle

Mouthy soccer mom, philanthropist, public speaker and  Queen of my household 

Who cares? Just move

No ego.. no judgement.. not in my space..


I soon discovered that Zumba®  with Christina was like a "drug" and "therapy" that I could not get enough of, I was in love and obsessed. It became my therapy in dealing with my Lupus. Since discovering Zumba® with Christina, I have not seen my doctors as much & am getting sick less often (the doctors think I'm doing very well and said I should keep doing what I am  doing) I have Increased my energy, strength, agility and endurance to deal with anything that comes my way.

— Magda, Nursery Teacher